‘A View from the Bridge’ Revision Tasks

Make sure you allow enough time to complete each of the following tasks in plenty of detail.  Review your class notes before you begin.

  1. Think about the structure of the play.  Identify the events that happen at each stage of the dramatic arc:  i) the initiating conflict or exposition, ii) the rising action, iii) the climax, iv) the falling action and v) the dénouement.
  2. Think about the story of Vinny Balsano.  Why has the playwright included Eddie’s retelling of the story of what happened to him?  Explain with reference to the ideas of foreshadowing and irony.
  3. Consider the character of Eddie Carbone.  What are his character traits?  Create a spidergram with descriptions of his character. Add to each leg of the spidergram with explanations of how you justify each of your descriptions. Provide quotations to support your comments.
  4. Eddie is not a particularly likeable character but he is the play’s protagonist. How does the playwright make Eddie someone we care about?  Give at least three ways he does this.  Explain each one carefully, using quotations to support the points you make.
  5. Think about the play’s central themes: codes of honour, justice and the law and love.  Explain how the play explores each one.  The BBC Bitesize website has some very helpful resources if you feel the need to remind yourself of the details before you begin.

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